Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Audit

Launched by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), TVP aims to subsidise non-listed enterprises and local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes.  The programme covers projects for: Productivity/Business Process Testing and certification Environmental Protection To ensure that the project funds… Continue reading Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Audit

Bank Account Opening

We can provide appointment-making services with most of the prominent banks for opening of bank accounts on your behalf. By going through with an efficient procedure and series of documents, we can assist your company in opening of bank accounts in a professional manner. We can prepare necessary documents in accordance with certain banks’ requirement… Continue reading Bank Account Opening

Human Resources Services

Our team of human resource specialists has been working with both multinational and local companies on their HR issues in the past decades. We are dedicated to provide comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective HR services including recruitment and selection services, payroll services and platform, visa application, HR staff consultancy services and employer tax return service. Our… Continue reading Human Resources Services

Trade Services

We facilitate the provision of local expertise and a complete range of commercial shipping services, including arranging shipment/trans-shipment, inspection, packing, storage and insurance cover through shipping companies, forwarding agents, survey agents and insurance companies. We also arrange Letters of Credit and collection bills through banks, and prepare and process all shipping documentation.


We provide trademark registration service aim at protecting your distinctive property in the competitive business environment in Hong Kong. A trademark can be registered if it is: 1.     the name of a company, individual or firm represented in a special manner; 2.     the signature (except in Chinese characters) of the applicant; 3.     an invented word;… Continue reading Trademark

Risk Management

We customize our services based on clients’ needs and the nature of their business. We help our clients identify and minimize their risks and simultaneously achieve their strategic goals by improving the business process, operational efficiencies and enhancing corporate governance. With the research background and expertise in accounting and corporate governance of our managing director,… Continue reading Risk Management

Visa Application

Our professional and experienced staff provides tailor-made advice to assist you in applying visa in Hong Kong, services include: Advise and prepare tailor-made business proposal; Prepare and file registration documents; Handle enquiry from Government Department. We provide the following visa application services for our esteemed clients: Employment Education Training Investment The supporting documents and process… Continue reading Visa Application

Consultation Service

Our professional team brings together a full range of functional and industry skills to help you in different environments. We take the time to listen and provide professional advice based on independent and challenging insights, supported by facts and industry benchmarks. We provide our clients with experience, technical knowledge and informed points of view in… Continue reading Consultation Service