Corporate Services

What are the requirements for incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong?

Incorporating a Hong Kong limited company requires at least one Chinese resident or overseas person holding passport or ID card aged 18 or above acting as shareholder and director. In additional, a Hong Kong address must be provided as a registered address and a Hong Kong resident or professional company must be act as the statutory secretary of the Company.

(Gary Cheng Group can provide registered address and Corporate Secretarial services).

Can Mainland / overseas resident incorporate Hong Kong Company?

Yes. The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance has no restriction on the nationality of shareholder/ director.

How long will it take for incorporating a Hong Kong Company?

5 – 7 workdays.

Does the business nature have to be filled on the Business Registration Certificate?

No. The Company can leave blank if it does not want to specify its nature.

Are there any restrictions applied to the Company’s expansion on other business if the scope of business is specified on the Business Registration Certification?

The scope of business specified in the Business Registration Certification generally indicates the core business of the Company and no restriction applies to the scope of business nor the Company’s expansion on other business.

How can a company know whether it is lawfully registered?

A company can entrust Gary Cheng Group to check the register or consult the Companies Registry. In addition, if the bank is willing to open an account for the company, it is enough to prove the validity of the company.

When can the related registration record of a newly-incorporated limited company be found in Companies Registry?

Such record can be found 4 – 6 workdays after the date of registration.

Are the obligations incurred by a limited company calculated by shares in registered capital or issued shares?

The obligation is undertake based on the issued shares while no obligation should be undertake based on un-issued shares.