Working With Us

We support you in developing a lifelong career, shaping into a future leader for success. Nurturing in our young and energetic culture, there are various fun indoor and outdoor activities you will be involving in. Joining seminars and workshops with our accounting leaders to build your knowledge and skills. With a clear development path, you are sure where to heading ahead.

My first impression of the company
I appreciate the company culture and supportive work environment portrayed on the website during interview preparation.
GCCPAL allows me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact. I’m excited to contribute my skills and be part of the team. I appreciate the company’s professionalism and commitment to developing their workforce. We’re all eager to challenge ourselves and fulfill our career aspirations.
2023 intake – Janet Leung, Associate, graduated from HKUST

Success takes practice
I am one of the 2023 graduates. I have been surprised by the flat hierarchy culture at GCCPAL, where everyone is approachable and eager to share their experience and knowledge with me. I have no reservations about seeking guidance from my senior experienced colleagues.
I have had the opportunity to participate in various audit engagements, working alongside a diverse group of individuals. It really challenges me, but I have learned a lot from my seniors and have been able to turn my theoretical knowledge into practical situations.
While the answers did not always come easily, I have been able to work through challenges with the guidance of my seniors and have gained valuable insights into market best practices through my work on different projects.
2023 intake – Karry Lee, Associate, graduated from HSUHK

Variable experience in GCCPAL
At GCCPAL, you can find nice colleagues and competent supervisors. The flat structure allows for rapid personal growth in knowledge. The various job types give a different perspective as an auditor. I have experienced different job types, such as liquidating a company from planning to implementation, including conducing creditor meetings and closing down the office while dismissing staff.
Except for liquidation, there is an opportunity to participate in tax investigations, which is no commonly offered by other CPA firms.
2022 intake – Ian Ip, Associate, graduated from HSUHK

Multi-cultural and teamwork fits me
With an athletics background, I feel comfortable in GCCPAL. Like in the sports world, here we have strong teamwork and bonding. We are more than working together, we share our sweats and joys from preparing QP exams, backing up each other in clients’ site, or having lunches and gatherings in office. Similar to the athletics attending international competitions, we also gain international horizons as participate in local and international engagements and interact with clients from around the world.
2020 intake – Jack Cheng, Senior Associate

Challenges is not tough when you have teammates to work with
I was impressed on the first day of joining as there are 9 other graduates like me waiting to be called. We had the 3-day orientation together, felt like having a short course in university, we studied and get to know each other as a batch. It made me felt lucky and happy and built deep friendships since then. My biggest challenges so far should be the time when I had a 21-day quarantine period in Mainland China for a Listed Company engagement. During that time, no friends nor family could stay around me in an empty hotel. However, when I worked remotely with my laptop, my teammates were waiting for me. They gave me instant response as if we were just sitting next together as usual. They were my great mental support and I missed them so much during those 21 days. They gave me strong power to tackle challenges in my first listed company case and fought through the tough deadlines.
2020 intake – Ying Soon, Senior Associate

Think out of the box and keep innovating
Started as a graduate junior, I picked up assurance knowledge by completing various cases from different industries, from private to listed companies. Also participated in special projects for Liquidation cases, all were systematically starting from basic. After gaining understanding of the technical knowhow, the beauty of GCCPAL is allowing me to enhance current practice, to benchmark with marketing best practice, and let me on the driving seat to lead my team to work on a better way. Our firm also open for new engagements or cases, which feeds my learning needs. As growing up in the firm, I am starting from a taught mode and gradually develop to a self-learning mode. I enjoy to echo with my peers on new accounting standards, implications led by regulation changes etc. The bonus point beside surfing in the technical regime with peers, I also shape my own management style for my team. I believe I wouldn’t have these fruitful outcomes elsewhere.
2017 intake – Key Fong, Manager

Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential for overall well-being. To support this, we will be organizing a variety of activities including festival parties, volunteer opportunities, and relaxing workshops. We highly encourage everyone to participate in these events.

Talent Development