Corporate Social Responsibilities

As a corporate citizen, Gary Cheng CPA Limited is operating in a socially responsible manner. We are dedicated and committed to our corporate social responsibilities through caring for the employees and the community. Our efforts are well recognized.

ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme
At GCCPAL, we attach great importance to talent development and believe the quality of human resources is the key to success.   GCCPAL was awarded the honor of “Manpower Developer” (2018-2020) by the Hong Kong Employee Retraining Board for the outstanding performance in talent training and development.   We are convinced that talent is the company’s most valuable asset.  We regularly organize staff activities and promote work-life balance.  This honor is not just a recognition for us but also further encourages us to continue the creation of better working environment.   Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launched the “ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme” (the Scheme) in December 2009 to recognize organizations which demonstrate outstanding achievements in manpower training and development as Manpower Developers (MDs).

Awarded Caring Company for 12 consecutive years (2009-2021)
GCCPAL is honoured to be consecutively awarded as the tenth year being a caring company under the Caring Company Scheme. We support our staff just as we care for our community. As part of the society, we are committed to embrace corporate social responsibility, make contribution to the society and carry out the spirits of love and concern.   We are thankful of the support from the Caring Company Scheme and our customers. We promise to keep working and improving!

5 Year Plus Caring Company
GCCPAL has been awarded the “5 Year Plus Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2014, in recognition of our good corporate citizenship demonstration in the areas of: Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment.

Honorary Auditor for The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection
GCCPAL has been appointed as the honorary voluntary auditor for “The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection” since 2009. This selection is held by the Yuen Long Junior Chamber, aims at encourage secondary school students to foster a balanced development between leadership, scenes of civic, social awareness and academic achievement.

Web Care Award
GCCPAL was awarded the “e-Inclusion Campaign Web Care Award Excellence Prize” for 5 consecutive years (2005-2009), presented by the Internet Professional Association (iProA) in recognition of our achievement on enhancing web accessibility for persons with special needs and contributing to a caring and inclusive society.