Become Online Volunteer of Methodist Centre

Gary Cheng CPA Limited has registered as an online flag-selling volunteer at the Methodist Center.  The Methodist Centre Flag Selling Day (Hong Kong Island) will be held on July 16. In addition to participating in flag-selling activities, we hope to raise funds through online platform as to help the needy and contribute to the society!

The below link is our exclusive flag bag, you can click to donate!

Please support:

Steps of donation:

1) Open the link page, enter the donation amount, and click Next

2) After entering your name, email and phone number, click Next

3) Click the payment method (the system only supports PayMe payment at the moment)

4) After confirming that the information is entered correctly, click Pay with PayMe to automatically jump to the PayMe program page, pay and click “Finish” to complete the donation.

The minimum amount for online flag bag donation is HK$10

The last name and first name will be reversed on the confirmation page, but the name displayed on the receipt will not be affected

For donations of HKD 100 or more, you can apply for tax deduction with the official receipt.  Donors can download the receipt by themselves, and the system will also send the receipt to your email.  (If you cannot receive the receipt issued by the system or cannot download the receipt by yourself, you can contact the responsible staff via Whatsapp 5399 5287)

For more information about the center and fundraising, please visit: