Dr. Cheng’s Interview with Metro Broadcast

Dr. Cheng was invited to be a guest on the program “Hong Kong Still Has Good Energy” on Metro Broadcast, where he shared how he helps Hong Kong secondary school students, university students, and even aspiring entrepreneurs unleash their potential and achieve their dreams. Dr. Cheng discussed how he provides practical assistance to startup founders, helping them transition from the world of research to the business world and paving their entrepreneurial path. He emphasized the importance of turning research outcomes into products and services that serve humanity. 


Dr. Gary Cheng’s interview was first broadcast on Metro Broadcast Info Channel (FM99.7) on May 3, 2024 and Metro Finance Channel (FM104) on May 4, 2024.


The program “Hong Kong Still Has Good Energy” is produced by the renowned lyricist Mr. Thomas Chow.  This interview is a collaboration between the Lions Club of Huaxia Hong Kong and Metro Broadcast, launching the “Good Energy Series” featuring the Huaxia Lions Club Brothers.


Dr. Gary Cheng’s interview on Metro Broadcast