Dr. Gary Cheng, Appointed as Council Member of Lions Clubs International Tseung Chui King College, Expressed Gratitude for the Donation

Dr. Cheng Fat-ting recently attended the renaming ceremony and the 24th graduation ceremony of “Lions College,” which is now known as “Lions Clubs International Tseung Chui King College.”  Dr. Gary Cheng has always been passionate about education and has served as the College Council Member of the “Lions College” since 2022.  Recently, Lioness Ms Tseung Chui King generously donated HK$23.8 million to the school to support its development.  Dr. Cheng and all council members sincerely thank Lioness Ms Chiang Chui-king for her generous donation.  The school was officially named “Lions Clubs International Tseung Chui King College” in January 2024.  It is hoped that the school will reach another milestone and provide quality education to more students in Hong Kong.