Tax Planning

We are especially adept at assisting clients in the planning of their tax affairs and to structure tax efficient deals. We understand the business and economic environment and combine this with specialist tax knowledge.

We are also an unofficial associate partner of TAXAND - a global tax advisory organization, providing high quality, integrated tax advice worldwide, with 2,000 tax advisors in nearly 50 countries all over the world. Since 2008, we worked closely with TAXAND and provide professional tax advisory for the Hong Kong offices/branches of the multi-national corporations from China, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland etc.

We help you navigate complexity to:

  • Achieve business objectives by reducing tax risks and meeting your compliance obligations
  • Improve business and operating efficiency through tax efficiency
  • Effectively utilizing tax allowances or deductions and manage the total tax contribution your business makes to governments

We provide professional tax services for:


  • Limited company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership


By acting as your tax representative, we shall attend the following services:

  • Prepare profits tax computation
  • Completing profits tax return
  • Applying for extension
  • Objection to assessment
  • Holdover of provisional tax
  • Replying letters and queries to the IRD promptly
  • Assistance on Employer’s Returns
  • Assistance on Notification of Remuneration paid to persons other than Employers
  • Tax planning and consultancy for individuals and companies to minimize their tax liabilities legally
  • Field audits, tax investigation and appeals issues
  • Personal tax advice and compliance

The IRD imposes various time limits for the above filings and applications, please contact us (Tel: +852 2199 7656 or Fax: +852 2199 7306) as soon as you received any tax letters, forms or assessments. All information will be handled in strictly confidential manner.