We provide trademark registration service aim at protecting your distinctive property in the competitive business environment in Hong Kong.

A trademark can be registered if it is:

1.     the name of a company, individual or firm represented in a special manner;

2.     the signature (except in Chinese characters) of the applicant;

3.     an invented word;

4.     a word that is not either descriptive of the goods or services for which the trademark is used or is not a geographical name or is not a surname; or

5.     any other distinctive mark.

Validity period of registration

A trademark when registered will last for a period of 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely for successive periods of 10 years.

Completion of registration

It usually takes 6-9 months for trademark registration.

For further query, please fill in and return this trademark-form to us by fax (+852 2199 7306) or by email. We will contact you shortly and furnish you with quotation with 2 working days. All information will be handled in strictly confidential manner.